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Hello there! My name is Julian Davi Azolin, I was born and raised in Brazil. Currently, I live in Canada with my wife and we have a son who is an angel sent from heaven! I am so grateful to life for giving me the opportunity to recognize my parents for their efforts, what they did and could offer to me and my brothers, still in time to thank them.

I created this blog to leave fragments of my journey in life, to share with my son sweet moments and memories we had together and he could never ever remember. I wish I could have known more my dad and time has shown me how to enjoy my mom storytelling from her childhood to what is about to happen in the 6 o’clock soup opera every time we call each other.

Son, you were a bit over 1 year old when you found out a raspberry bush at the daycare entrance. Every day we searched the ripest ones to pick and eat. The sand area in the daycare was one of your favourite activities. I started working from home because of the 2019 coronavirus novel and was blessed to be able to see you wining, having lunch, taking a nap and playing almost everyday from the living room window.

The daycare moved, another building will take place, the raspberry bush and the sand will no longer exist. I prefer to think they served their purpose. Kept with me are only the memories from these simple and pure moments that fulfil my soul with peace, love and my eyes with tears of joy. I wish one day, even if I’m no longer here, that you can find them, remember and share with someone you love.

“Mom and dad won’t last forever”

Grandma Fofó

And you dear guest who found this blog somehow, come in and make yourself at home. I’m going to brew a fresh coffee! I’ll be happy to know my memories helped somehow to make your day better.

Finally, most of the posts are in English. Although it is not the most spoken language in the world, it can be useful in almost anywhere. There was only Portuguese as I grew up, however here in Canada there’s French and English. I wish my son can learn as many languages as he wants and be able to communicate to the world his way.

A strong hug, as we say in Brazil.


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